Sally decides to shine

Amazing Photo, colourful, Sally Pink imbibed mud
not what you think, her blood
was true, but to me and you
a fervor of minuscule bugs that go boo
thread their thorn, rose
and spread woe from hair to toes

When dark words hit her, day becomes night quicker
than cheetahs greet birds ‘invited for dinner’
Sally’s skin blushes blue moon crocus
Her focus is bogus, Oh how she longs to rise as a lotus

An owl eyed look reveals a crossroad of broken fences
A concealed gnarled hook overcast with stark intense sentences
infect her from each direction, without objection
or a glint of protection, reverberating faulty connections

Now aware, Sally reverses polarity, selects the clarity of verity
no longer a magnet for negativity, she quashes reactivity
Light streams in, the hurtful shadows once amplified, suicide from her mind,
with hurt fumigated, Sally’s rejuvenated, jubilated, and inclined to shine

Photo and words © Love Happy Notes

Inspired by Wordle 186MLMM TaleWeaver’s Prompt 33Sundays in my City, and Scenic Weekends

20 thoughts on “Sally decides to shine

  1. Glad that Sally Pink thinks happy thoughts these days! It’s the only way to go. 😊. I am having a lovely visit here in Melbourne and have lots of photos to post when I get back.

    Must say I miss the Sunny Coast though! However, my eyes have been opened to the wonders of Bendigo and Ballarat and the Victorian countryside. Have the best of days and enjoy writing. Cheers.

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