A better life

With so many of us downtrodden, ill, broke or just plain unhappy, we may merely wish for an ordinary life. But what if we could have an extraordinary life? Let yourself dream for a minute. Does your mind go to the billionaire lifestyle, where money is not an issue? Would that make your life better?

Let’s think about it.
Money is a tool, used to barter for what we want. So what is it we really want? Happiness, you may say. But do we even know what that is, let alone how to get it? Can you tell me, what happiness is, and who possesses this magical, lofty and apparently fleeting state of being?

Who is the happiest person in the world?
Let’s look for a moment to the Dalai Lama. He is quick to humour and to display a genuinpeace, happinesse smile, like that of an innocent, yet mischievous child. Although he is blessed with infinite wisdom, he will wait patiently for you to ask ‘the question’, instead of puffing up his chest to show off his greatness. His sagacity is heart wisdom. This aptitude lives inside our hearts too.

You are not, what has happened to you.
The Dalai Lama has endured great suffering and loss, yet he radiates compassion, empathy, kindness and generosity. He doesn’t dwell on what has been taken from him. He doesn’t dwell on himself! Despite his fame and significance in the world, he is gracious, humble, and self-effacing.

Don’t think you are selfless enough?
You are. There are many things you already do, to to help others. But kindness needn’t be a random act, it can be a way of life. We all know a kind word is a treasure, to be kept in the heart forever. But that is just the beginning.

It’s not all about me, it’s about we.
What if I told you the more you give, the more you get. Happiness is not about what you can get, it is about who you are and who you become. Whether living in absolute poverty or several McMansions, if you do not contribute to the world how can you be happy? It’s not what we receive, but what we bestow, that brings genuine bliss.

We represent the world. With all our different traditions and circumstance, we each just want to be happy. So what are the common elements that bring happiness to all people. How can we bring others joy? I’d like to hear what you think.

girls smiling‘They took all the smiles and put them in a Smile Museum. They charged the people, a dollar and a half just to see them.’
Okay, I’m misquoting, but never underestimate the power of a grin, a laugh, a happy face.

A simple smile for a stranger having a bad day, whether returned or not, can have a positive effect, costs nothing and may even have a multiplier effect. What if that one smile, gave someone that tiny bit of extra confidence they needed to pitch a life saving device, the charm to generate its creation, and that device saved the life of the next Mother Teresa, Martin Luther King, your partner or your best friend? What if each person you smiled at, smiled at another and another and it spread like a happiness virus across the world!

We are one giant eco-system.handssketch
As far as we’ve come with technology, have we progressed as Humans ‘being’? Every thought, every action we take, be it positive or negative, has repercussions for the entire world. We are a living ecosystem. We can work together to ensure one another’s happiness and survival. We have enough resources. We have the technology. We are a community of humans living together, but alone.

Are we the custodians of the world?
Let us please join together, help one another live a happier life. A life where we create, rescue and rebuild. That of societies, of saving animals, plants and ourselves from extinction. Walk an Earth friendly, life affirming journey of kindness and connectedness from the heart together.

geniuscommunityWe are all geniuses at something.
If we were to put all our genius together, we can shine as the magnificent humans we are meant to be. We can alleviate suffering. We can get the non-polluting, zero cost energy, shelter and food alternatives operational. We can all have clean water.

We can grow our glorious hearts, and we can be HAPPY, all for one and one for all. What small thing you can do today to make someone’s life better?

Wishing You much Love.


13 thoughts on “A better life

  1. That is so true….sadly so many people are about what they have (making big dollars) and they work their backsides off to have ‘things’ all the while missing out on seeing what is in front of them. I worry that today’s society have lost sight of simple communication with so much technology. Basic social skills are being lost because we don’t have to be face to face to talk. Doing something nice for another person puts a smile in your heart, even when you don’t seem to have much to smile about. Happiness is not in possessions or money, it is in your heart and soul and the way you choose to wake up to each day x

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  2. Listen to someone who needs to talk. Try to be compassionate and understanding. If you can reach out to someone and give them support whether that is physical, emotional or financial (even if it is a dollar or a bag of food) is a great gift to give.

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  3. Well done! I was my Mum’s carer for the last five years of her life and found that nothing is so rewarding as putting someone else’s needs before my own. It puts life in perspective. And you are right – a simple smile can make another person’s day! 🙂

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